» » » Beautiful Houses For Rent In Plantation Fl #4 Take A Stroll With Your Dog Around Our Pet-friendly Community - Plantation Gardens Apartment

Beautiful Houses For Rent In Plantation Fl #4 Take A Stroll With Your Dog Around Our Pet-friendly Community - Plantation Gardens Apartment

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Photo 4 of 5Beautiful Houses For Rent In Plantation Fl #4 Take A Stroll With Your Dog Around Our Pet-friendly Community - Plantation  Gardens Apartment

Beautiful Houses For Rent In Plantation Fl #4 Take A Stroll With Your Dog Around Our Pet-friendly Community - Plantation Gardens Apartment

Beautiful Houses For Rent In Plantation Fl #4 Take A Stroll With Your Dog Around Our Pet-friendly Community - Plantation Gardens Apartment Pictures Gallery

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        • an instance of such continuous operation of the camera.
      9. a visual and mental response to something typically manifested in a stare expressing total absorption or wonderment: She did a slow take on being asked by reporters the same question for the third time.
      10. a recording of a musical performance.
      11. a successful inoculation.
      12. on the take: 
        • accepting bribes.
        • in search of personal profit at the expense of others.
      taka•ble, takea•ble, adj. 
      taker, n. 


      with (with, wiᵺ),USA pronunciation prep. 
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      16. in proximity to or in the same household as: He lives with his parents.
      17. (used as a function word to specify an additional circumstance or condition): We climbed the hill, with Jeff following behind.
      18. in with. See  in (def. 22).
      19. with child, pregnant.
      20. with it: 
        • knowledgeable about, sympathetic to, or partaking of the most up-to-date trends, fashions, art, etc.
        • representing or characterized by the most up-to-date trends, fashions, art, etc.
      21. with that. See  that (def. 10).


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      8. [Slang.]an ugly, boring, or crude person.
      9. [Slang.]See  hot dog. 
      10. (cap.) [Astron.]either of two constellations, Canis Major or Canis Minor.
      11. [Mach.]
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      3. [Mach.]to fasten with dogs.
      4. dog it, [Informal.]
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      dogless, adj. 
      doglike′, adj. 


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      garden•less, adj. 
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      a•part•ment (ə pärtmənt),USA pronunciation n. 
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